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Hi, my name is Dan Lapeyrouse.  I have been shooting depositions for almost twenty years.  I have worked with court reporting agencies from all over the US. I cover a 90 mile radius around Houston, Texas. Here are some of my services, and what you can expect.  Give me a call or fill out the form and I will get right back to you.  If you need to know my availability right away text me at 713-201-7381 as I might be in a deposition.  Thank you!
  • I work as a independent contractor.
  • I will cover your deposition as a representative of your Agency.
  • I will hand out your cards and marketing material.
  • I will will be expedient in delivering the deposition video to your office, either thru FTP upload or overnight delivery.
  • You will get clean, legible paperwork.
  • You will get honest invoices with no surprises.

Here is what your clients will see:

  • A mature individual in a suit and tie.
  • A professional demeanor.
  • An attentive videographer.
  • A neat video set up.

Here is the product you will receive:

  • MP4 video
  • DVD video
  • Digital audio files

Here is the equipment I use:

  • 3 chip video camera
  • Sony lavaliere mics
  • Shure Mixer
  • Sony DVD recorder
  • Digital audio recorder
  • Denny flexible backdrop
  • Lowell light kit
  • Your Brand

    We work under your brand. We represent your company and we make you look good.

  • Upload Video

    We upload the deposition video to an FTP server the same day. Quicker turnaround for you.

  • Fully Competative

    Our rates are competative. Our rate structure is simple and there are no last minute extras.